I love the smell of coffee in the morning…(cue Wagner’s ‘Flight of the Valkyries’)

29 07 2008

As an unrelated aside, coffee lovers of Australia unite!

Melburnians, be upstanding. Join with me in a celebratory espresso. Tears to the eyes, heart swells with pride, etc. etc. We killed Starbucks. The wicked witch is dead.

Take THAT !!KAPOW!! for hazelnut syrup… And THAT !!OOF!! for double mocha cherry grande latte with a lemon twist.

Megalomaniacal coffee overlords? You are doomed to failure. Let this be a warning to you, peddlers of nasty hot beverages. Never, ever attempt to infiltrate our cafe society. Ever. Again. 




One response

30 07 2008

It’s amazing how we all feel this is a personal victory, don’t we? I was so thrilled to read today’s paper, it’s like my team won the grand final. And my team is coffee.

(Feel free to visit my arts site and read my Starbucks digression too!)

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