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A change of career and a change of website…

The Honourable Thief cover reveal

Hello to all of you out there.

Yes – I know. That’s a big header image. But it’s there for a reason. Namely, to explain my extended silence on this site.

Thing is, I’ve been working towards a career shift. No longer am I treading the venerable halls of Melbourne University. My days are now spent glued to a keyboard, tapping away as a soon-to-be published author and researcher and writer for film and TV.

The art world still inspires and intrigues me. But somewhere along the way, I came to the realisation that I found the process of making things myself a great deal more rewarding and fulfilling than I did writing about things other people had made. I hope you understand.

My novel, The Honourable Thief, is being released by Pan Macmillan on 31 July, and early August will see Harper Collins stock the shelves with the book I wrote to accompany Sam Neill’s series (which I also wrote), The Pacific: In the Wake of Captain Cook (airing on Foxtel on 27 August).

Yes. I’ve been busy.

So now you’ll find my accounts of shenanigans and horseplay in the art auction world recounted in fictional worlds.  The Honourable Thief is the story of an archaeologist in Turkey in the 1950s who finds himself caught up in an antiquities smuggling ring. From there it’s the inevitable slide into fakes and forgeries, reaching its zenith (can a ‘slide’ lead to a ‘zenith’? Hmm.) at an imagined Sotheby’s in 50s London. If it sounds like it may be something you feel like reading, you can order it here: The Honourable Thief – Pan Macmillan . And if you think Captain Cook and the impact of his voyages on the indigenous people of the Pacific may be more your cup of tea, you can order that one here: The Pacific: In the Wake of Captain Cook with Sam Neill … actually, that seems to be the e-book link. Anyway, you get the point! Appearing in bookstores around Australia soon and available online through the innumerable online book retailers.

If you’re at all curious and have even a vague interest in following what I have going on, from now on, you’ll find me at the following places:

w: meaghanwilsonanastasios.com

facebook: Meaghan Wilson Anastasios

twitter: @MWAnastasios

instagram: @mwilsonanastasios

And if this is the last I’ll see of you, thank you. Sincerely. It’s been a fun ride. And now I’m off to use all the things I’ve learnt to entertain and inform.


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