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Belladonna, The Movie. And what a movie.

Heads-up for another self-serving promo. And, for those of you seeking Belladonna the porn impresario, please move along. You’re in the wrong place.

Last night I had the honour of attending the launch of  Belladonna‘, a stunning Australian/Polish feature film, made by Annika Glac and Marcus Struzina via their production company, Glass Kingdom Films. As a result of an embarrassingly meagre contribution to the production, I somehow earned a screen credit as an art consultant. All I had to do to earn it was to do what I love the most – potter around the odd gallery and help choose some artworks to dress the set.

Anyways, Annika and Marcus have been friends for many years, and they’ve always been threatening to do something extraordinary. ‘Belladonna‘ is it. Deeply moving, sumptuous, and uplifting, the film carries you from medieval Europe to modern-day Australia. Marcus’ cinematography and Annika’s script are riveting, and the cast does justice to what is, paradoxically, a complex yet very simple and universal story. It’s quite beautiful.

The film is showing in limited release around Australia. Don’t miss it on the big screen. You’ll want to dive in.

(PS – if you want to learn more, follow my link, and don’t attempt to Google, lest you encounter Belladonna the porn star vs. Belladonna, the movie. A whole world of difference).

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