untangling the awkward relationship between art and money

Michael Jackson vs. The Chapman Brothers’ “Bad Art For Bad People”

Page 68. Well.

Ever had one of those “hmm… now where have I seen that before” moments?

Exhibit A – Lot 800 in the forthcoming April auction of Michael Jackson ephemera, salvaged from the Faversham-esque halls of Neverland Ranch.

Exhibit B – Jake and Dinos Chapman’s Fuck Face (very, very, very NSFW. I mean, REALLY NSFW. I’m not kidding around here. You have been warned). As exhibited at the prestigious White Cube Gallery in London.

An uneasy resemblance, really. Something as innocent as a be-skewered, basketball playing child is suddenly imbued with an uncomfortable double meaning, whether rightly or wrongly.

Moral of the story? Context in art is everything.

Michael Jackson auction image: via Lisanti Quarterly

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