untangling the awkward relationship between art and money

Poster Boy comes unstuck.

So it seems the long arm of the law may have caught up with Poster Boy – the New York street artist or radical art movement, depending on who you listen to.

It’s been a year since Poster Boy began defacing advertising posters in the New York subway system. He’s attracted a cult following of sorts on the interwebs, with sites such as Gawker tracking and recording his movements through the urban underbelly.

But Poster Boy was slicing and dicing on borrowed time. There’s just too much money invested in those posters to allow him to requisition that space as his own, personal, very public anarchic playground.

This is not Banksy embellishing blank walls with whimsical stencils. The corporations that plaster their migrane-inducing posters on every available space for hire cock their collective legs on that spot to mark their territory. They own it. By subverting and emasculating their corporate messages, Poster Boy becomes public advocate. He/it reclaims public space for the public.

Is this art? That’s open to question. But there’s no doubt that Poster Boy – be he Henry Matyjewicz or not – has attracted the interest of the authorites. And with that, further infamy.









Image by Poster Boy  from: http://gawker.com/5083586/poster-boy-trains-planes-and-britney-bitch

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