untangling the awkward relationship between art and money

Ooooh. Birth pangs.

Who am I? A writer suffering from a terminal case of procrastination. 

Oh? You meant the blog. I’m but a smidge away from completing my PhD dissertation. I’ve been tracking, charting and documenting the weird and wonderful world of the art market. And, oh, the things I have seen.

Although my deadline is looming large, I’ve launched myself as a blogger with a noble, if misguided, desire to share some of my findings with the world [sweeping, all-encompassing hand gesture]. OK – well, maybe with the three people out there who may be interested. 

There’s close to a gazillion words currently sitting on my desktop awaiting a vigourous editing. I don’t feel ready to commit to a cozy relationship with the blogosphere just yet. I’m more of a ‘take it a step at a time’ person anyway. So, no promises in the next few days, but I will deliver at some point [voice trails off into the distance…] It’s not you, it’s me…

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