… and now for something completely different.

14 05 2013


First up, serious conflict of interest declaration here. Phoebe Dubar is my sister. So take what follows as you will…

Phoebe is the singer and writer for a new musical project, Passerine. She’s just released a track, Ready to Begin, produced by Ryan Ritchie¬†(Paris Wells, Kimbra).

OK – yes – I’m usually all about art when I’m here. But music is a big thing with me. And this song is completely brilliant. Dubby, jazzy and a whole lotta disco, as Phoebe puts it.

Head over … here… to hear it, download it for free, and most of all share it. Because it’s all about the sharing, isn’t it?

Thank you for your patience (though you’ll be thanking me for introducing you to Passerine – I promise).

We’ll resume normal programming now.