MONA launch. Uncharacteristically lost for words.

21 01 2011

Doing the one thing I promised never to do… tapping out a post on the iPhone by virtue of the fact that I’m compelled to record my response to MONA. Only problem being the limitations of this screen and ludicrously small keyboard. Not to mention, I have photographic evidence but no idea how to upload my appalling mobile phone picures from my phone onto the wordpress platform Zounds!

Suffice to say …. Get thee to Hobart and see this thing pronto. It’s astounding. Many conversations with many people in the industry who had been skeptical about David Walsh’s project…all agreed that this is unlike anything else in the world. In a good way. Sure, the Beluga caviar, Iberian Jamon, absinthe and stupidly good smelly French cheeses made us all feel warm and fuzzy inside. But all that aside, this is something quite extraordinary. In the words of the director of a major gallery, “this changes the way we all have to do things”. More to come, especially about the art and interaction with the architectural spaces once I get me back to a real computer.