Finger-licking awful: when Mike Myers met Colonel Sanders

29 03 2009

Colonel Harland Sanders Who knew? Seems that Mike Myers has been taking lessons from hyper-realist painter Damien Loeb. Myers described his disappointingly prosaic road to Damascus moment in New York Magazine: “I asked Damien, ‘Is this possible? Like, can I do it?’ And he said, ‘Yes'”.  

Equally surprising? If his appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show is anything to judge by, Myers has a perplexing fixation on one Colonel Sanders, of KFC fame.

A whole lot less surprising? If the paintings he displayed with pride on national television are any indication, Myers should stick to his day-job. Oh wait. On second thoughts, I just remembered ‘The Love Guru’.

So, disturbingly for art aficionados, it seems that this may be more than a passing flirtation. Myers has said: “I feel like I’ve made a friend of Damien and in painting that I’ll have the rest of my life. It’s very exciting”. But, in good news for comedy lovers, Myers may well be dedicating somewhat less time to the humorous arts from hereon in.  

Images: Colonel Sanders –; The Love Guru –



When Hollywood turns: the New York art market through the looking glass

25 03 2009


Just in time for the economic apocalypse, the almost inevitable backlash: a film lampooning the New York contemporary art world.

Slated for release in September this year, (Untitled) should provide ample entertainment for those licking their wounds after the deflation of the contemporary art feeding-frenzy (note to self: can a ‘feeding frenzy’ technically deflate?).

Starring Adam Goldberg of Entourage and Saving Private Ryan (I’m pretty sure he was the character memorably dispatched by the Evil Nazi in The Bell Tower with the SS Knife), I can’t make any promises whatsoever about the quality, or lack thereof of this film… I haven’t seen it. But Goldberg’s convincing facial hair (above left) and the following publicity still have won me over:

 Images: [Adam Goldberg]: Palm Springs International Film Society –; [Monkey and vacuum cleaner]: