… And the fug of irony hung thick in the air.

28 12 2012

William Hogarth, ‘The Bench’. (image via wikigallery.org)


No rest for the wicked.

 The last few days have passed in a veritable whirr as I tried to weave whatever magic I still have in my tired old typing fingers to bang out an article to be published in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald tomorrow – notwithstanding an earth shattering event that causes my bit to be shunted off the page.

Funny side of it all? The article looks at the crisis facing the art world as experts and connoisseurs become increasingly reluctant to voice an opinion about authenticity for fear of litigation. The biggest problem I faced as I attempted to gather some quotes was not, as I expected, the fact that art world stalwarts were all very wisely sleeping off the excesses of the silly season.

No. People who are extremely well-qualified to comment on certain matters were very wary about doing so on the record. For fear of litigation. That’s right. People didn’t want to discuss certain things on the record in an article about the fear of litigation, for fear of litigation.

Ho ho ho.